Small Footprint, Small Ecoprint

RĒIS & IRVY’s fro-style 9 CUBE utilizes about 90% less energy than a standard frozen yogurt store, but offers more options with 9 flavors of froyo and blending and layering options. So, buy with confidence knowing you’re doing your part.


Right Size

Because we have various, exact sizes, you can relax and know that your serving is portion and calorie controlled. Not to mention completely fat free.


Ever been to one of those frozen yogurt stores where people are touching everything (the cups, froyo, toppings, and spoons). Did they wash their hands? The RĒIS & IRVY’s fro-style 9 CUBE delivers you froyo in the cleanest environment possible!


High Tech

The age of froyo stores “letting” you do it yourself is giving way to the era of self service without the work. The RĒIS & IRVY’s fro-style 9 CUBE allows you total control and personal customization without any of the work. From vanilla to designing your own personal flavor, you can create it with RĒIS & IRVY’s fro-style 9.


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