The Reis & Irvy's High School Kiosk

The Cube

Fat-free Fresh Frozen Yogurt designed by you. Served in 30 seconds in an 8 oz. paper cup. Choose from 2 fro-yo flavors (+ the twist) and 6 toppings. Perfect for high schools, corporate offices, colleges, hospitals. Takes only 24 square feet!
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Reis & Irvy's Kiosk

The Kiosk

Fresh Frozen Yogurt designed by you and delivered by a zany robot in 60 seconds in a 12 oz. plastic souvenir cup. Choose from 2 fro-yo flavors (+the twist) and 6 toppings. Perfect for science museums, international malls, waterpark resorts and the like.
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The Factory

Fresh Frozen Yogurt that can serve two people at a time in 60 seconds. Choose from 4 fro-yo flavors (+ the twists) and 10 toppings. Perfect for large venues with lots of traffic.
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Small Footprint, Small Ecoprint

Réis and Irvy’s utilizes about 90% less energy that a standard frozen yogurt store. So, buy with confidence knowing you’re doing your part.


Right Size

Because we deliver to you only the finest non-fat and low calorie fro-yo and the healthiest topping (smart sizing as well), you can relax and know that your serving is less than 200 calories.


Ever been to one those frozen yogurt stores where people are touching everything (the cups, frozen yogurt, toppings and spoons). Did they wash their hands, etc? Rēis and Irvy’s delivers your fro-yo and toppings in a very clean environment!